Have You Applied for Your EFIN?

This tax season will be especially turbulent with the new pre-season tax loans and preparing estimates using the new tax law.  Pre-season tax loans, up to $5,000, will be approved as a percentage of the refund and the approval will be based on return criteria (as in the past). However, this year, you will be […]

2017 Tax Refund Bank Product Deadlines

EPS Last day to apply 10/15/18 Last day to print in office 10/31/18 Checks go stale 10/31/18 TPG & PSCOM Last day to apply 10/20/18 Last day to print in office 10/31/18 Checks go stale 11/30/18

Check Cashing Guidance

The last few days the IRS released its largest funding ever. While our systems are functioning properly there may be times over the next 24-48 hours where delays are experienced due to high traffic on our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) check verification system. In order to streamline your customer’s experience with tax check cashing, we’d […]

HR Block RAL program officially terminated

H&R Block and HSBC have made it official that they will not be funding any RALs this tax season.  The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency denied HSBCs appeals for RAL provision forcing H&R Block to accept the forgone conclusion of a tax season with no RAL products.  Click here for full story: marketwire_HR […]

Removal of the Debt Indicator – contact your legislator

Let your legislator know how you feel about them removing the Debt Indicator!  Click Here for methods of  making your voice heard regarding congress’ action to remove the IRS debt indicator, which has changed the landscape of the RAL and tax preparation industry.

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