Consolidating Your Tax Office Efficiency Resources

How often does your tax office do an inventory of its efficiencies? Tax office efficiency sounds like an afterthought, but when you analyze the operational constraints that impact your efficiency, you may be able to improve office efficiency and discover areas that in turn save you time and money.

Many tax offices struggle with too many tools, purchased tools that go unused, or office efficiency tools that don’t come with adequate levels of vendor support. Having to purchase more programs than what you need is expensive when platform licenses are renewed yearly. Each platform will have its own password, format, and technical challenges because tech support is limited to that single vendor. Who does your office turn to when your programs lack integration and there is no overarching tech support available? 

Organizing your resources under the same dashboard will save you valuable time. Generate a client’s power of attorney in seconds.  Send sensitive documents through the secure tax messenger on the same platform, and upload signed documents directly to the office file management system. Every tax professional has documentation requirements, and our system makes meeting those requirements simple. Even continuing education for enrolled agents is in the platform. Everything a tax professional needs is all in one dashboard with world-class customer service every step of the way. 



Switching costs can be a hassle but given the realized time savings, it will be worth the investment into your own office efficiency. Instead of 12 dashboards and 12 secure logins, you could have one secure login with login assistance when you need it. Tech support is available year-round for all your technological needs. Additionally, using our proprietary conversion tools, our tech support professionals can import your clients’ returns into the new tax program to lessen the impact of the switching costs. 

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Posted: May 20, 2021

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