IRS Delays Retirement of EAR but Still Plans to Shut It Down.

According to Accounting Today, the IRS will be extending the time before the retirement of the Electronic Account Resolution services on the IRS’s website. The IRS plans to extend the applications for three more weeks. There has been and continues to be much outrage over the shutting down of the system when there are drastic proposed budget cuts, and this system could be worked on and perfected thus eliminating the need for the man power to answer phone calls regarding the same issues (which usually takes a good long time).

This is undoubtedly a big mistake on the part of the IRS, but I have no doubt that it will be back after the IRS realizes it cannot afford to continue employing such a high number of (many times unhelpful) employees when the cost of maintaining this application would be so much lower and when they finally realize that the number of technologically savvy accountants and EAs is vastly enlarging as the older generation of the same profession is retiring.

Posted: August 12, 2013

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