IRS ITIN policy changes released 8/4/2016

  • ITINs issued before 2013 will expire 12/31/2016.  Renewal process will open October 1st, 2016.  To identify if an ITIN was issued prior to 2013, the first individuals in this group are ITINs with 78 or 79 as the middle digits. 


  • ITINs that have not been used on a US tax return for the past 3 filing seasons (2013, 2014, & 2015) will expire 12/31/2016.  The same renewal process will open for these individuals on October 1st,2016


  • Some other IRS changes include a new W7 form, to be released in September 2016, that will be required for ITIN applications and renewals going forward.  This new form will allow for renewals to be able to be submitted without being attached to a completed U.S. tax return.  These renewal W7s will start to be accepted in October 1st 2016, and they are able to be completed by CAAs similarly to the operating standards for traditional W7 applications. 


  • Beginning October 1st, 2016, passports will no longer be accepted as a “Stand-Alone” document for dependents ITIN applications from any country other than Mexico or Canada or dependents of military members overseas.  Affected dependents can use U.S. based medical records for dependents under 6 or U.S. school records for dependents under age 18 as supporting documents in addition to their foreign passport.  Dependents 18 years of age and older can use rental or bank statements or utility bills in their name showing a U.S. address in addition to their passport.   


Posted: August 8, 2016

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