Mileage Log Options

While some companies, like Uber, who work with contractors, keep track of business mileage for the taxpayer most do not. One of the most financially detrimental things to your taxes is not being able to substantiate business miles that would otherwise be a large deduction. 

The IRS does not mandate any method of documentation.  You are able to use the method that works best for you so long as you maintain your records and can produce those records if needed.

There are so many ways that you can keep track of your mileage.  Paper logs (purchased or created), pc spreadsheets or digital applications for your smartphone are all viable methods that you can use to keep track of your business mileage to ensure the deductibility of those miles.

You can use applications such as MileIQ which logs your miles automatically so you can create accurate mileage logs for both tax deductions and business reimbursement with minimal effort.  Use of MileIQ is free for the first 40 drives per month. Additional use is on a subscription basis. Subscriptions for unlimited drives using MileIQ are available for $5.99 per month for monthly subscriptions or $59.99 per year.  (The cost of this app would also be a deduction if you are self-employed.)

If you are trying to find a free method, those are easy to find as well. A simple google search will produce many, many results for free mileage log downloads.  This method does require you to manually keep track of your mileage, but the logs seem to be just as good as the log pads for purchase.

Paper mileage logs are also available for purchase at all office supply stores if you don’t care to download and print them.  They are inexpensive and contain spaces for all relevant information.

Another free method would be creating your own mileage log in excel, however this method might be the most labor intensive given that you’d need to record it on paper and transfer it to the program or have the excel app on your phone.

Posted: September 11, 2017

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