How to Name Your Tax Business

Naming your tax business is one of the most exciting parts of starting your tax business. Starting a tax business is not an overnight-decision so naming it will not be either.  Spend some time thinking about what services you plan to offer, the people you plan to serve, and other factors such as tax franchising that might impact your tax business name.  Your goal is to find a creative tax service name that you love that also encourages engagement from your community.

  What is the breadth of service that you plan to offer? Will your focus be on individual tax preparation only? Will you prepare corporate or other specialty types of tax returns? Do you plan to offer bookkeeping in addition to tax preparation? Some tax preparation businesses offer insurance or other financial services.  If you plan to offer a variety of services, try to make tax companies names inclusive of all the services that you offer. For example, instead of “Johnson Tax Service”, the business might want to consider “Johnson Tax and Accounting” if they also offer accounting services.

  If you’d rather not use your personal name, consider tax business names that incorporate your town or region name. This will clearly reflect the community that you plan to serve and may help engage clients. Being a part of the community is important for the goodwill of your tax business name. Sponsoring youth leagues is a good way to get your tax company name out there while doing good work for the community.

  Other of the other items to consider when naming your tax preparation business is the possibility that the name that you’ve chosen is already being used. If you plan to incorporate, you may find that the name is already taken and you could have trouble incorporating. Not only that, you could be infringing on their intellectual property or trademarks so be sure you are checking your state agency in charge of business entity filings. Usually there is an easy search tool. Before settling on your tax preparation business name, be sure to check both entities and DBAs in your area. Also consider tax preparation training for extra materials.

Posted: October 11, 2017

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