Tax Preparers… Get your PTIN NOW!

The IRS has their preparers test in place and is now scheduling for preparers to take the examination.  To avoid having to take the examination prior to Dec 31st, 2013 preparers must act soon.  2011 PTINs expire on December 31st, 2011, and are now scheduled to expire on the close of each calender year going forward.   The IRS has stated that they will be issuing “Provisional” PTINs throughout April 18th 2012, and if you get one of these “Provisional PTINs”, you will not have to take the test prior to 12/31/2013.  There is conflicting reports that the Provisional PTINs being issued will be terminated this December 31st 2011.  We suggest to be safe that you Get Your PTIN Now!  We will keep you posted as we hear more information from the IRS Return Preparers Office, but again our advice is to GET YOUR PTIN NOW!  Do not wait until the last minute; the IRS web servers are know to have capacity issued and are commonly over burdened with traffic close to deadlines.

Please visit the IRS’ website by clicking here: IRS PTIN to get or renew your PTIN.  Federal Direct Partners may call our tech support center if you need assistance with getting your PTIN application or renewal processed.

Posted: November 29, 2011

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