TIGTA Warns of Tax Season Delays

As the first major tax reform legislation in more than 30 years, the TCJA has made significant changes to the tax code which affects individuals, business and tax exempt organizations.  The IRS is tasked with updating or creating about 450 forms, pubs and instructions. In addition to updating the forms, the IRS will also have to modify about 140 information technology systems to accommodate the revised tax forms.

TIGTA warns about tax season delays due to the timely implementation of the implications of the TCJA due to the IRS’s ability to fill important vacated positions.  The Service has had difficulty hiring new new employees and filling previously vacated positions.  However, they have received $320 million to implement the TCJA changes.  This funding has $291 million earmarked for information technology and ancillary operations support work.  TIGTA expects the implementation of the new tax law to consume 1.1 million labor hours based on the IRS’s estimate of 542 full-time equivalents.

All of things could have serious impacts on the start of tax season. In years past, delays have been common. We can probably expect this “potential delay.”

Posted: October 29, 2018

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