Updated: When does tax season start in 2016?

When does tax season start for 2016? The beginning of tax season 2016 will be January 19th, 2016. Since the bipartisan budget deal passed, there is no expected government shutdown which would have caused the beginning of tax season 2016 to be delayed. At this point, tax season 2016 will begin in late January. The last few years have seen delays in the onset of tax season. This year tax season 2016 will start later than the average or “normal” starting date, but this not due to a government shutdown.

Quickie Tax Season 2016 Checklist:

  • EFIN Approved?
  • PTIN Renewed or Acquired?
  • AFSP Finished?
  • CTEC Completed?
  • Software Prepped?
  • Employees Trained?
  • Bank Product Enrollment Finished?
  • Office Ready?
  • Marketing Plans Executable?

Federal Direct will be participating in IRS Hub Testing again this year which begins on January 7th 2016. This means that the beginning of tax season 2016 is the same, but those who participate in Hub Testing can e-file returns early. If you are a Federal Direct office, you can e-file returns early, too. If you have clients who have had their tax identities stolen, this is an ideal situation for them. This would allow you to file their return before the identity thief has a chance to use their info illegally.

Posted: November 6, 2015

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