Who do Enrolled Agents turn to for tax help?

What is an IRS enrolled agent? Enrolled agent status is the highest credential that the IRS awards to tax professionals.  Individuals who achieve this designation have expanded abilities to help taxpayers, much like those of CPAs or attorneys.  The tax code is constantly changing, but it is certainly not simplifying. Even after IRS Enrolled Agents meet their continuing education requirements, there are still more areas of the tax code that will go unlearned. With the tax code being as complicated as it is, and consistently increasing in complexity, who do IRS Enrolled Agents go to for tax support when they can’t find the answer?

Many Enrolled Tax Agents will spend hours pouring over the Internal Revenue Code details or other official guidance on treasury regulations. How nice would it be to just pick up the phone and call someone you that has experience in that area of tax? Back-office tax support is not just for unenrolled preparers. Enrolled Agent tax support is available to make your life easier and your business more profitable. Spend fewer hours searching for the answer by letting our professional, credentialed tax support agents discuss the research with you. With the time that you will save, you can focus on other areas to make your business more efficient, focus on getting more clients, or even taking some much needed time to relax. 

Professional Tax Support for Enrolled Agents by Enrolled Agents

We can sum this up in 2 words, “expertise” and “in-house”. Enrolled Agent tax support is a key factor that sets Federal Direct apart from other tax software vendors. Our tax support is provided by in-house professionals, and that means tax attorneys and enrolled agents. If you have called our office before, chances are that you have already talked with one. Our philosophy is that whether you are dealing with low level basic tax returns or the most complex tax cases your clients can throw at you, we want to to give you the tools to never turn away any tax client for any reason, no matter what! You will have access to our in-house tax professionals immediately, so when the problem or issue is right in front of you, all you need to do is call. Our hold time is consistently less than one minute, year over year. 



Helpdesk Support for Your Tax Software & Hardware

Our software is easy to use, but tax support technology doesn’t always cooperate when you need it most. Fortunately, we’ll be there when things aren’t going quite like they should. We not only offer a comprehensive help desk, but also the initial installation and tax software training help you need the most. We even offer a helpful resource center to ensure you never run into problems. Data backup and recovery are part of our services as well because should your system crash, the last thing you need is to have to reenter the data from hundreds of customers. With redundant, encrypted storage and access to your documents and files, using the right tax technology is the perfect way to spell peace of mind.



A common question we get is; how we can deliver on the key areas of enrolled agent tax support, training, registration and compliance for the price point that we are at. The simple answer is technology, and that technology we affectionately call Help Desk Support. This technology allows us to provide versatile tax filing assistance. We do a “share screen” share with your PC and provide one-on-one training for you and your staff, install our tax software backup tools and security check. This tax filing assistance is the same method that allows us to answer and discuss complex tax return issues and provide one call solutions to most problems. With our Helpdesk Services, you’re never alone!

Federal Direct offers cost-effective tax & technical support for IRS Enrolled Agents through our Professional Courtesy Discount which is available to industry professionals, Enrolled Agents, Attorneys and CPAs. The Professional Courtesy Discount is Platinum level partnership at the price of Gold

If you would like more information on how Federal Direct can help you make your office more efficient, please call us at (866) 357-2052 or visit us at https://www.federaldirecttax.com/contact/

Posted: May 25, 2021

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