The History of Federal Direct Tax

Federal Direct has been providing income tax preparation services and income tax training for the past 17 years, and toward the latter half of those years we have been expanding our business through partnering with offices like yours. Federal Direct started into the tax preparation business by adding income tax preparation services into existing financial service centers in Indianapolis, IN. After several years, the success and profitability of income tax preparation as an add-on business line for those operating in the financial services industry could not be ignored.

Since taking our expertise and experience nationwide; Federal Direct has grown significantly and partnered with over 1,100 tax offices in 47 states. Our objective is to partner with motivated individuals and firms that have a hunger for success and a willingness to put in the marketing and training efforts necessary to develop their income tax business into a consistently growing profit center. We feel that our tax business partnership packages represent one of the finest and most profitable opportunities in the income tax preparation industry.

Meet the Team

At Federal Direct Tax we are commited to ensuring you receive the best service and support you need when owning your own tax return office. We’re people like you, as we like to get to know you, learn about us and put a face to the name…


Joseph Rogers, EA


Joe’s educational background comes from Indiana University where he has a bachelor’s degree from the Kelley School of Business focusing on marketing and economics. Joe is an Enrolled Agent and is licensed to practice and represent clients before the IRS in both individual and corporate tax matters. Joe has over 13 years of hands-on industry experience and has consulted with over 1100 independent tax offices during that period.

John Rogers, EA

VP Account Development

John’s educational background comes from an AA at Belleville Area College, IL, BA in Economics from Indiana University, MBA from the University of Indianapolis and Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant designations from the University of Maryland. John has spent most of his career in financial planning and sales and is an Enrolled Agent and is licensed to practice and represent clients before the IRS in both individual and corporate matters. John has led the team in adding and developing new offices with Federal Direct for nine years.

Joshua Long

IT Manager

Joshua has worked at Federal Direct for over 9 years and spends most of his at-work hours developing time saving and business development tools to help Federal Direct partners deliver better customer service and easier access to industry tools. Joshua is also the webmaster at Federal Direct and manages our website and partner portals, along with overseeing all software and technical support to our partner offices, and their employees.

Deric North, EA

Continuing Education Director & Premier Accounts Manager

Along with tediously compiling the information and data for the Federal Direct IRS approved continuing education course materials, Deric is also a graphic design guru who creates most of the marketing materials available through Federal Direct. Deric is an Enrolled Agent and is licensed to practice and represent clients before the IRS in both individual and corporate tax matters. Deric works with the higher level tax problems that come through Federal Direct’s office and is a hands-on manager assisting  Federal Direct partners better their office’s tax knowledge and customer service.

Tina Harvey, EA

Marketing Director & Premier Accounts Manager

Tina works tirelessly helping Federal Direct partners develop and implement marketing strategies and campaigns to help bring new customers to their tax businesses. Tina has a bachelor’s degree from Ball State University where she majored in Marketing. Tina is passionate about assisting Federal Direct offices engage immigrant and other niche markets and is a Certifying Acceptance Agent with the IRS for processing US tax return for undocumented immigrants and assisting them obtain ITIN numbers. Tina is an Enrolled Agent and is licensed to practice and represent clients before the IRS in both individual and corporate tax matters. Tina heads the ITIN department at Federal Direct and is an account manager who works with our partners to help them get a better understanding of the tax industry and how profitably run and grow their tax businesses.

Anthony Berryman

Help Desk Manager

Anthony has been with Federal Direct Tax Services since 2012. He attended Ivy Tech Community College in Bloomington, Indiana where he earned an Associates of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems.  Anthony works alongside our partners daily setting up their office networks, and software prior to tax season, making sure every partner is ready at the beginning of tax season.  In addition, he works to resolve technical support issues which arise year round for partners.

Adam Wade

Business Development Manager

Adam is in his second year working with Federal Direct where he specializes in helping new tax office owners develop and formalize their tax business startup operations.  When starting your own tax office there are a lot of questions and details that have to get prioritized.  Adam assists Federal Direct partners navigate these challenging decisions and helps with making the best educated decisions for growing tax businesses.  Adam’s is an IRS AFSP credentialed tax preparer and is preparing for the Enrolled Agent exams.  If you are hitting the books as well, give him a call; he can sympathize, and help you get your tax office headed in the right direction!

Richard Coffey, EA

Lead Software Trainer

Richard is an Enrolled Agent with 13 years of experience working in the tax industry, 2 years physically managing a retail franchise tax office, and is now in his 3rd tax season with Federal Direct.  Richard heads up our up our training department assisting new offices learn how to best navigate and use our tools and resources and works to convert new users of our tax software into tax prep gurus!  Richard also helps works with our IRS representation activities advocating for your clients and helping them solve big tax issues.  Richard has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and is pursuing his Masters in Taxation from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business.

Josiah Berry, JD

Tax Support

Josiah brings a wealth of tax knowledge to our Training, Continuing Education and Representation departments. Josiah is a tax attorney with a J.D. from Indiana University, and an L.L.M. from Boston University School of Law. With 4 years of experience with low income tax preparation centers preparing hundreds to thousands of individual returns, Josiah will be a valuable resource helping you and your staff get ramped up for tax season and your hardest tax challenges.

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