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Compare the partnership packages below and see which fits your needs best. If you need explaining, roll-over each heading for a short description. Or, give us a call at (866) 357-2052, we’d love to chat with you about our tax software for tax preparers and your tax business opportunities…

Quick Start - $299


Break into the tax preparation industry on a tight budget. Current year Interview based software with all states e-filing.  IRS registration services, year round technical and tax support, marketing programs and campaign support to establish and grow your business.

Silver - $599


Current plus 3 years back-tax filing on our Interview based software with all states e-filing. You can answer this demand with the Silver Partnership. IRS registration support, year round tax and tech support, & enhanced marketing programs. More options = more revenue!

Gold - $999


Our most popular partnership.  Professional software offering all forms & schedules including  Amendments and Extension filing.     Current plus prior 3 years Federal and all states.  Network installation with year round tech and tax support. Covert to a Paperless office!

Most Popular Partnership

Platinum - $1899


Solutions for a complete tax office.  Professional software for individual, corporate & immigrant clients, Not-for-Profit, LLC, Fiduciary and Trust returns, Estate and Gift Tax and Employee Benefit Plan filings.  Tailored Marketing campaigns and growth programs.

Our Tax Business Partnerships Include:

  • Tax Preparation Business Setups
  • Low Cost, High Value Entry Options
  • Industry Leading Tax Software for Tax Preparers & IT Support
  • Rapid Tax Refund Options
  • Comprehensive Tax Preparer Training
  • No Prior Tax Experience Required
  • Professional Tax Office Marketing
  • Flexible Tax Partnership Options
  • Complete Tax Office Support


We provide professional tax preparation review BEFORE it goes to the IRS. We also provide tax preparation software for business and comprehensive tracking for every return your tax office E-files.

We offer our tax preparation partners a powerful set of resources and a proven recipe for success stemming from our income tax preparation industry contacts, tax business opportunities, 13 years of experience, and our dedicated tax support network.

Offer these customer refund options at your tax office:


  • Instant Refund Advance Up To $750* for approved offices
  • 1-2 week Refund Checks printed in office
  • Pick up refund in Cash at local Walmart Financial Centers
  • Prepaid Debit Card (MasterCard)
  • Direct Deposit to their checking or savings account

      *Advance refund qualification requires prior tax industry experience meeting lenders risk screening criteria.

And more

  • Cumulative tax office reporting and ACHs allow your tax business quick access to productivity reports and tax preparation revenue.
  • Archival and warehousing of your tax offices returns both physically and electronically for 5 years as required by IRS and rapid refund banking regulations.
  • Back year tax return preparation and amendment processing available to all tax office partners.
  • Tax office IT support and preseason installation verification of tax software for tax preparers.
  • Real-time tracking of all e-filed client returns for all tax office partners.
  • Inclusive Federal and all States e-filing modules and income tax preparation software for preparers.
  • Assistance with all IRS, State, and Rapid Refund Bank compliance paperwork and e-file licensing.

Diverse Tax Office Opportunities

Already have a business? Federal Direct has helped hundreds of partners add revenue to their existing bottom line. Our income tax partnerships offer add-on tax business opportunities for entrepreneurs in a variety of non-traditional businesses as well as traditional store front and home-based tax preparation businesses. Common existing businesses that have benefited from adding income tax preparation as an additional service line include check cashing and payday loan stores, pawn shops, insurance agencies, mortgage brokers, attorneys, car lots, convenience stores, currency exchanges, travel agencies along with a variety of others. We take pride in offering our tax programs for preparers and income tax partnership opportunities to everyone. Get the right tax software for business and don’t let traditional business boundaries hold you back!

Federal Direct’s income tax business partnerships provide everything your start up tax office needs to succeed and be profitable your very first tax season.

Industry Leading Tax Preparation Software

Rapid Refunds & On-Site Tax Refund Check Printing
Tax Software Install and Training
Tax Office IRS Licensing
Tax Office Compliance Training
Tax Office Technical & Network Support
Tax Office Virus and Spyware Cleanup
Tax Return Preparation Support
Income Tax Preparer Registration
Income Tax Preparer Training
Tax Preparer Software for Professionals
Customizable Tax Marketing Programs
Indoor/Outdoor Tax Office Marketing Materials
Customizable TV & Radio Tax Business Ads
Customizable Newspaper & Print Ads
Federal & All States Electronic Tax Return Filing
Archive Tax Software & Auditing Capability
Off Site Tax Office Data Backup and Storage
Personalized Webpage for Your Tax Office
Year Round Revenue Potential

  • Ready to offer tax services to undocumented aliens? We have the training and support to make it happen!

  • Federal Direct provides back office support to free your business up to GROW!

  • Be your clients’ hero! Our in-house Sure & Secure IRS Audit coverage makes you a true Problem Solver!

  • Federal Direct knows the focus and dedication it takes to grow your tax business!

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