Support and Training

Reaching the point where you can maximize your revenue isn’t easy, but Federal Direct Tax Services can help with our support and tax prep training. Even if you’ve worked in the tax prep business in the past, we have the resources, like tax prep training and tax software training, to help you with everything from managing your computer system to learning more about the IRS.


Technology Help Now
Our software is easy to use, but tax support technology doesn’t always cooperate when you need it most. Fortunately, we’ll be there when things aren’t going quite like they should. We not only offer a comprehensive help desk, but also the initial installation and tax software training help you need the most. We even offer a helpful resource center to ensure you never run into problems. Data backup and recovery are part of our services as well because should your system crash, the last thing you need is to have to reenter the data from hundreds of customers. With ongoing storage and access to your documents and files, using the right tax technology is the perfect way to spell peace of mind.


IRS Data Now
Furthering your own knowledge of tax code is a must as your business grows, and we can help you get the tax support information you need throughout the year. By giving you access to not only the compliance materials necessary to help keep your business running well, but also continuing education materials that will help expand your authority in the field, we work to put more at your fingertips every day of the year, not just during the busy tax season.


You Need Help; We Have Answers
While other tax prep software companies are more than willing to sell you their product and walk away, we want you to succeed with your business. At Federal Direct Tax Services, we offer you lots of options to help you serve your customers. We’re right here to meet your needs day after day with a continually developing network of support services that creates a safety net built just for companies like yours. For us, it’s a way to make certain you have what you need. For you, it’s a business mentor, helpline, and expanding university rolled into one amazing package you just won’t find anywhere else. The only place you’re going to find this level of support and tax prep training is through Federal Direct Tax Services. When others will leave you in the dust, we’ll be by your side, ready to help you wade through problems and successes alike, whether it’s the busy season or the time to grow your business into something much bigger. Explore the tax prep training and tax technology resources we can put at your fingertips now.

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