Support and Training

Software Installation and Tech Support

The same two words drive this area of our support as does our tax support: Expertise and In-House. Many companies talk about tax software tech support and claim they deliver comprehensive service, when the truth is that they have a third party tech service provider, many times located out of the country, that they have subcontracted to provide service to you. These third party tax software tech support and service providers do not know the tax software, do not know you or your office, and are not flexible to comprehensively provide you with the solutions to keep your tax office running smoothly.

Federal Direct does not just support your tax software for professionals, we want to ensure that your systems are working properly and effectively so that you can focus on running your tax business. New printer, we’ll help set it up. Multi-computer network, we’ll help getting all PCs talking to each other. Security questions or concerns, we are here to help, fix, repair and rebuild. When it comes to our tax software for professionals, you have our support!

  • Federal Direct knows the focus and dedication it takes to grow your tax business!

  • Be your clients’ hero! Our in-house Sure & Secure IRS Audit coverage makes you a true Problem Solver!

  • Ready to offer tax services to undocumented aliens? We have the training and support to make it happen!

  • Federal Direct provides back office support to free your business up to GROW!

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