Email Scam Targeting IRS E-Services Users

Another IRS scam email has been plaguing the tax preparation industry for months now, scammers have crafted a fake IRS s-services page that is identical to the real one. They blast password expiration/reset emails to everyone who has a PTIN as that info is open information and many PTIN holders are also EROs or hold active EFINs. These IRS scam emails come with hyperlink laden images of the IRS logo that will take you to the fake IRS e-services page.

“The subject line for the fraudulent email is “Security Awareness for Tax Professionals.” The “From” line is “Your e-Services Team.” It has both an IRS logo and an e-services logo that hyperlinks to a URL verified as a phishing site. The spoofing site poses as an e-services registration page.”

Scammers are trying desperately to get the user information in order to exploit the abilities of an ERO.  They aim to get the electric filing identification numbers of verified e-services users in order file fraudulent returns and pock illegally gotten refunds.

If you have fallen victim to this scam, please call the IRS e-services department at 866-357-2052.  Tax professionals should always go directly to to access e-services, never click on any links provided in emails.




Posted: June 12, 2017

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