Hub Testing Begins 1/18/2022

Hot off the presses! IRS HUB Testing to start tomorrow, January 18th and continue through Friday January 21st.  Tax returns intended for early processing can be submitted now! 

What is IRS HUB Testing?
-This is when the IRS pulls and processes returns that have been submitted as part of a controlled test launch of the e-file system.  Traditionally, all returns submitted for processing during the HUB Testing window will get picked up by the IRS and will get acknowledged with an acceptance or rejection during this period, translating to taxpayer returns getting accepted before the official start of the tax season!
-Offices approved for “In-Season” Taxpayer Advances can submit these returns and their advances will be processed and considered “In-Season” during this period.
HUB testing times are not guaranteed and the IRS can turn on and off testing at their discretion.  
If you missed our all office conference call from Saturday, it is now available in your partner portal or you can access it directly here:
Please give us a call with any questions: 866-357-2052.
Welcome to tax season!

Posted: January 17, 2022

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