IRS Changing E-file Application Fingerprint Process As of 8/15/22

One component of becoming an e-file provider is getting fingerprinted for a background check. This has traditionally been completed with paper fingerprint cards which were mailed to the IRS and matched to the applicant’s application. However, as of September 25th the IRS will be implementing a new electronic fingerprinting process which will require an applicant to make an appointment with the IRS authorized vendor for fingerprinting. As of this alert, there will be no charge for IRS e-file fingerprinting, but that is likely to change in the future. On September 25th you will be able to schedule your IRS fingerprinting appointment by accessing the scheduling link which will be located on the EFIN application summary page.

The cut-off date for mailing paper fingerprint cards to the IRS is August 15th, 2022. Any paper fingerprint cards postmarked after 8/15/22 will not be processed, and the applicant will need to wait until 9/25/22 to schedule an appointment for the new system of electronic fingerprinting. Instructions for scheduling this appointment will be provided when the EFIN application is submitted. 

This change could increase the speed at which EFIN application submissions are processed, but that does not mean you should wait. If you are considering applying to become an e-file provider, you can and should act now as the summer is traditionally the least busy time for the IRS. 

Posted: June 29, 2022

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