IRS Revokes Special Enrolled Agent Logo

According to the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) the IRS has informed them that Enrolled Agents are no longer allowed to use the previously IRS issued and approved EA logo. The IRS did create the logo for the EA program and supported its use as a means to encourage participation in the Enrolled Agent program. Unfortunately, the Enrolled Agent Logo has created legal concerns because the EA logo included a likeness or imitation of a government insignia or seal which was the IRS eagle. The use of such insignia, seals or emblems are prescribed for the use of officers and employees of departments and agencies of the United States of America. Without specific statutory authorization or regulation authorized by law, the use of such likenesses or imitations may be criminally actionable. Enrolled Agents are not employees of the IRS or the Department of the Treasury. Enrolled Agents are licensed by the IRS and any advertisement or solicitation that could infer more than licensure is not consistent with the advertising and solicitation provisions of Circular 230.

The IRS is demanding that all use of the previously approved logo be immediately ended. While the IRS RPO and OPR have not yet taken any action against EAs using the logo, they want to assure you that you could be subject to a cease and desist action should use persist.

The IRS is working on a new logo for Enrolled Agents and will announce when it is ready. From then, Enrolled Agents have six months to the delete the prior logo and replace with the new IRS logo on all advertising, websites, Enrolled Agent business cards and other communications with clients or prospective clients.



Posted: April 25, 2018

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