Tax Preparation Checklist for New Tax Preparation Offices

  1. EFIN- Electronic Filing Identification Number

Is your EFIN approved? If not, where are you in the process? Have you started your registration for your tax business?


  1. PTIN- Preparer Tax Identification Number

Is your PTIN renewed for the upcoming season? Are PTINs renewed for all the tax preparers in your tax business? Are you AFSP? Did you consent to circular 230 in your PTIN account?


  1. Is your tax office fully trained? – Software and procedures

Has each tax preparer in your tax preparation office gone through tax software training on the current year tax software program? Have they done practice returns and completed any appropriate IRS continuing education courses? Are your tax preparers doing AFSP?


  1. Tax Office Marketing- Winning clients

Have you solidified your marketing budget for your tax business? How many marketing channels are you using? Are your tax preparation office marketing plans in order? Are your employees familiar with current promotions? Are you effectively tracking your marketing efforts? Are you setting goals for yourself and tracking effectiveness to determine a return on investment?


  1. Software & Network- Programs and tax prep workstations

Is your 2017 tax software installed? Are all of your workstations networked properly? If you’re on an online tax software platform, do you have your favorites updated? Do all tax preparers know how to access the tax software?


  1. Bank Products- No up-front cost options

Do you want to offer the Tax Refund Advance? Are you enrolled for bank products? Have you already received your bank-issued check stock and pre-paid debit cards? Are you prepared for the facilitation of tax preparer bank products?


  1. Hardware- Computers, printers and scanners

Is all of your hardware hooked up and functioning normally? Printers set to print? Ink replaced if necessary? Has anti-virus software been installed on all workstations?


  1. Resources- Worksheets and other information

Does everyone in the tax preparation office know where to access tax office resources, tax support and technical support? Do you have important IRS numbers listed for easy access?


  1. Filing & Office Procedures- File and follow-up

Does each tax preparer know the tax office procedures for tax filing and post-filing follow up? What is your documentation procedure? Are all tax preparers familiar with how to scan, label and store clients’ sensitive tax information? Are you using your digital filing cabinet?



Posted: December 5, 2017

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