Congratulations to St. Patty’s Day Tax Filing Contest Winners!

Bank Product Return Filing Winners:

  • Gonzalez Tax Service
  • Muller Tax Service

E-File Only Return Winners:

  • Rodriguez Tax Services
  • Neal Workman & Associates

Honorable Mention Offices:

  • Walkers Tax Service
  • Joan’s Residential Services
  • Martell Insurance Co.
  • Girotel #4
  • Alamo Business Concepts

Be on the look out for Federal Direct’s next filing contest “Race to the Finish”.  This contest will begin April 1st and go through April 18th.  Don’t overlook the late season filers and extension filers, as the on-time filing of returns owing a balance due is soon approaching.  Also, be aware that you can electronically file returns and request bank products for your clients all the way through October 15th.

Posted: March 25, 2011

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