Alert: Watch for Scam/Phishing Emails!

Please be on the alert for fraudulent email messages requesting sensitive personal and business tax information.  These emails can appear to come from many different sources pretending to be the IRS, Federal Direct, State Departments of Revenue, Tax Software Companies, etc. 

One such recent IRS tax scam email has been identified as coming from a fake email address, trying to impersonate Federal Direct, and asks for company e-services login credentials as well as personal information.

You should never give out this type of sensitive information over unsecured email, and Federal Direct will never ask you for it via email.  If you receive any suspicious emails or requests for this type of sensitive information please feel free to give us a call at the main office, (866) 357-2052, for assistance in verifying its validity. 

Posted: June 22, 2017

Want more info? We will contact you back within 1 business day.

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Want more info? We will contact you back within 1 business day