ITIN Credit Rules Enforced. Here are some tips.

No, an ITIN holder cannot claim credits for back year’s returns. The law changed in Dec. 2015 with HR2029.  This means no Child Tax Credit or American Opportunity Credit (among others) for any year beyond a current and timely filed tax return.

If you file late, as in after April 15th, you will NOT get those credits. Credits are now only available to ITIN holders on the condition that they submit timely filed returns.  

What if I get my social security number? Can I go back and amend those returns and get those credits? No, not even then can you get those credits because at the time, you had an ITIN. Moving forward you will be able to claim and receive those credits with more leniency.

What if you’re expecting to get your social security number during the summer? Do not wait to file your return.  If you have credits on your return, they will be removed because, during the tax year, you did not have that SSN.

If you apply for an ITIN for a dependent living in the USA with a foreign passport you MUST have an additional document to prove that they reside inside the USA.

By the end of the year deadline (with respect to year of issue), If you have not renewed your ITIN they will deactivate your ITIN. In this instance, instead of renewing, you’ll start all over by submitting an entirely new W-7 along with your tax return. Be sure to indicated previously held ITIN.

The IRS will send a confirmation letter in response to your ITIN renewal.  If you are awaiting a renewal confirmation letter at the end of December or early January, do not file the following year’s taxes until you receive that renewal confirmation.  

Remember, if you have a 78 or an 79 in your middle digits and have not renewed, your ITIN might already be revoked.  New sets of identifying figures and expiration dates have been released. ITIN holders that have a middle digits of 70, 71, 72, or 80 are up for renewal and renewals will be accepted through the Dec. 31st 2017. To renew an ITIN, taxpayers must complete a Form W-7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, follow the instructions and include all information and documentation required. To reduce burden on taxpayers, the IRS will not require individuals renewing an ITIN to attach a tax return when submitting their Form W-7. Taxpayers are reminded to use the newest version of the Form W-7 available at the time of renewal.

Posted: June 21, 2017

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