Faster Tax Refunds This Tax Season!

The IRS will be filing all returns through the new Modernized E-File (MEF) system this coming tax season.  This translates to your clients getting their refunds in as little as 5 days.  This represents a reduction in refund delays by 2 days.  The IRS reserves the right to delay returns with questionable Earned Income Tax […]

IRS Changes Start of E-Filing Season

For the coming 2011 tax season, the IRS has changed the date they will start accepting e-filed returns to January 17th, 2012.  This is a Tuesday and return filed should be acknowledged by the IRS within 24 hours, as opposed to previous seasons where the first days’ acknowledgements would be delayed for 48 – 72 […]

Upcoming Webinar – Navigating your Partner Portal & Marketing Center

The next training webinar for Federal Direct partners is scheduled for Tuesday November 8th at 6:30pm Eastern.  This webinar will cover accessing your online resources for tax preparation tools,  software & tax training, and will go through using the custom marketing creator for creating and implementing your office’s own unique marketing programs.  Registration invitations have […]

Extended Deadline for E-Filing 2010 Tax Returns… Oct. 31st, 2011

Oct 15th is the date published on the IRS’ official e-file chart, but they have changed it to 8am Eastern, Monday October 31st.  There is no additional time past this date to electronically resubmit returns that have been rejected, they will have to be paper filed. What does this mean for my office?  –  Any […]

IRS incorrectly bills 80,000 taxpayers repayment of First Time Homebuyer Credits

The IRS incorrectly distributed approximately 80,000 notices to taxpayers stating that they needed to begin repayment of their first time homebuyer’s credit.  Many of these mistakenly sent out statements were sent to taxpayers who purchased their homes in 2009, who do not need to repay the credit at all.  Also the IRS attempted to identify […]

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