IRS e-file System Down for Processing

IRS will be conducting Disaster Recovery exercises on Saturday June 9th and again on Saturday June 16th .  They will not be processing returns beginning at 6PM Eastern on Friday June 8th, and they intend to bring the system back on line at 8:00 AM Eastern on Monday June 11th.  The Same procedure and timeline […]

CAA/ITIN Application Update- Regarding Dependents

If you have a client who is attempting to get ITINs for dependents, he or she must be a parent or use a Power of Attorney form for immediate family (grandparents, brothers, sisters, etc). If your client is an aunt or uncle, the Power of Attorney will not work. In this instance, you will notarize […]

Reminder: Webinar Tonight Covering Amendments

Don’t forget about the webinar covering amendments this evening! It’s time to fix any errors that were made, claim rightful dependents who were previously claimed, etc. *If you cannot make the webinar, it will be posted on your partner portal so you will have access to it once it is posted! Title: Amending Tax Returns […]

Webinar This Thursday Covering Extensions!

The deadline to file your taxes is April 15th.  Many people find themselves not quite ready to file, and this is when knowing how to file an extension becomes very useful, giving your client another reason to keep you as his personal tax professional.  There will be a webinar this Thursday, April 5th at 6pm […]

Webinar Covering Dealing With Rejections Now On Your Partner Portal

Rejections are an inevitability in the tax preparation world. Previously claimed dependents, wrong EINs, etc. Now, take a second to think about how nice it would be with out them. Ok, stop. That will never happen. So, instead of wishing for the impossible, simply go to your partner portal, log in, and go to your […]

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