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  • New Tax Preparer Annual Filing Season Certificate

    The IRS is at it again… Since they were shut down on their authority to mandate all tax preparers get continuing education and take a competency test, they have now developed a “voluntary certification” that preparers can opt into.  The program is called the Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course; and yes, successful completion of the […]

    Tax Preparation for Immigrants – The Rules Change Again…

    Just as quickly as we update our ITIN materials and guidelines the ITIN policy office within the IRS has changed their stance yet again! Just released: ITINs (Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers) will expire after 5 consecutive years of non-filing use.  This is a change from the services’ previously stated policy of automatically expiring ITINs after […]

    Happy Fourth of July!

    Federal Direct offices will be closed in observance of Independence Day on July 4th, 2014.  Our offices will reopen Monday July 7th, 2014 at the normal time of 9am EST. If you have an emergency during this time please contact your account representative directly or contact support at: support@federaldirecttax.com.  An after hours representative will contact […]

    Alert of New Email Phishing Scam: “Update your IRS e-file”

    The IRS has been alerted to a new email phishing scam. The emails appear to be from the IRS and include a link to a bogus web site intended to mirror the official IRS web site. These emails contain the direction “you are to update your IRS e-file immediately.”  The emails mention USA.gov and IRSgov, […]

    IRS to Reconsider Outsourcing Tax Debt Collection

    A bill recently passed by the Senate taxwriters includes a provision that would revive and expand the use of private debt collectors, requiring the service to hand over to private firms nearly all the inactive tax receivables. The way the bill reads, that would include unpaid fines for not having health coverage, a penalty that […]

  • Best Time to Start a Tax Prep Business? Right now!

    Whether you are searching for yourself or with a fellow tax preparer, regardless of previous experience, you will find that this is the best and last year to open your own tax prep business with the fewest barriers to enter the industry.  New federal tax preparer requirements set in place will be enforced strictly next […]

    Important CTEC Info! California Preparers, Time’s ticking!

    California CTEC Information & Pricing: CTEC Renewal (20 hrs) New CTEC Certification (60 hrs) FD Partners: $69.99 $169.99 Non Partners: $99.99 $249.99 $$$ Important CTEC Deadlines $$$ October 31st- Deadline to renew with CTEC, Pay California $25 After 10/31- Jan. 1st- Late renewal with CTEC, Pay California $25 to renew with $55 late fee After […]

    October 15th is today…Your Taxes are Due!

    Today is the last day to file your taxes which have previously been given an extension. Last year you were given a little longer, but not this year. E-file them, or get them postmarked today!  You may pay additional fines and penalties for not doing so.

    A Farewell Letter to IRS Commissioner Shulman

    It was no surprise that IRS Commissioner Shulman announced today that he is ending his term. We knew he planned on it. He ends his term just after the presidential election. Shulman has been the Commissioner since March 24, 2008 and his term ends on the 9th day of November of this year.  He leaves […]

    Liberty Tax & Wal-Mart: Making Up for the Kids

    About five years ago, Walmart decided it really only needed two major tax preparation firms to satisfy the needs of its patrons, H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt. Before this decision, Liberty had operated 30-40 seasonal kiosks in Walmarts around the country. In a crazy game of tax-franchise “wife-swapping,” Jackson Hewitt recently assumed all of the […]

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