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  • 10 Dos and Don’ts of Starting a Tax Preparation Business

    Dos: 1. Find tax software that meets your needs. Do you need the ability do corporate returns or other special module types of returns? Do you need the ability to prepare prior year returns? Generally speaking, additional years and specialty modules are not included so be mindful of what you are actually getting in your […]

    Check Cashing Guidance

    The last few days the IRS released its largest funding ever. While our systems are functioning properly there may be times over the next 24-48 hours where delays are experienced due to high traffic on our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) check verification system. In order to streamline your customer’s experience with tax check cashing, we’d […]

    California Tax Preparer CTEC Deadline Warning

    To all California tax preparers: Stay up-to-date with CTEC renewal deadlines. Sunday the 15th is the last day to renew your CRTP license with CTEC for the coming season! Preparers with access to our California renewal package should verify that they have obtained five (5) hours of California credits, and fifteen (15) hours of Federal […]

    ITIN Renewal Confirmation Information

    IRS ITIN Operation info regarding ITIN Renewal Confirmation with relation to e-filing your 2016 returns in early 2017. Q. Will the IRS be sending out ITIN renewal confirmation letters after renewal? If so, what is the time frame for when a taxpayer should expect to receive one? A. IRS will issue Notices to taxpayers renewing […]

  • Californian CTEC Preparers, Renewal is Due in 9 Days!

    Below is a list of dates with corresponding late fees. Don’t forget these late fees are IN ADDITION to the regular renewal fee. Also, these fees do NOT include your PTIN fee. October 31st- Deadline to renew with CTEC, Pay California $25 After 10/31- Jan. 1st- Late renewal with CTEC, Pay California $25 to renew […]

    IRS Sends Letters Due to Schedule C Mileage Errors, Suggests Education Visits

    The IRS will be sending out approximately 5,000 letters to tax preparers of all designations who filed tax returns with a Schedule C that have a high percentage of traits typically found to have errors. These letters are being sent prior to the tax-filing season. The IRS has acknowledged that they specifically targeted returns that […]

    Best Time to Start a Tax Prep Business? Right now!

    Whether you are searching for yourself or with a fellow tax preparer, regardless of previous experience, you will find that this is the best and last year to open your own tax prep business with the fewest barriers to enter the industry.  New federal tax preparer requirements set in place will be enforced strictly next […]

    Important CTEC Info! California Preparers, Time’s ticking!

    California CTEC Information & Pricing: CTEC Renewal (20 hrs) New CTEC Certification (60 hrs) FD Partners: $69.99 $169.99 Non Partners: $99.99 $249.99 $$$ Important CTEC Deadlines $$$ October 31st- Deadline to renew with CTEC, Pay California $25 After 10/31- Jan. 1st- Late renewal with CTEC, Pay California $25 to renew with $55 late fee After […]

    October 15th is today…Your Taxes are Due!

    Today is the last day to file your taxes which have previously been given an extension. Last year you were given a little longer, but not this year. E-file them, or get them postmarked today!  You may pay additional fines and penalties for not doing so.

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