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  • PTIN Price Change & Other PTIN Updates

    In years past the cost of a new PTIN or renewing a PTIN was $64.25 or $63 respectively. However, the price has recently changed and may stay at this new price point for an undetermined period of time. The new cost, whether applying for a new PTIN or renewing your PTIN, will be the same, […]

    What you need to know about CTEC.

    What is CTEC? CTEC is short for the “California Tax Education Council,” which is a non-profit Corporation founded to promote competent tax preparation within the State of California. “CTEC” is also used as the common name for the Identification Number given to preparers registered in California to prepare tax returns. People who complete the CTEC […]

    What You Need to Know about an EFIN.

    What is an EFIN? An EFIN is an Electronic Filing Identification Number. The EFIN is used to identify the location from where an e-file was sent. How to get an EFIN number? You can get your EFIN through the IRS’ website at e-services. There is a registration process followed by an application process which includes […]

    Annual Filing Season Program CE Certification

    How Do I Obtain the AFSP – Record of Completion? • Take eighteen (18) credit hours of Continuing Education, comprised of: – Six (6) hours of Annual Federal Tax Refresher (AFTR) course that covers filing for the tax year and includes a knowledge-based, open book comprehension test administered at the end of the course through […]

    1040 Extension Deadline Approaching 10/15

    Do not forget that if you filed an extension for additional time to file, the deadline is fast approaching. You will be able to file returns for a while longer but your client may face additional penalties as a result of the delay. Play it safe, and file before the deadline, or, if nothing else, […]

  • The Only EFIN-way: Online System to be Juggernaut of EFIN Acquisition.

    The IRS recently released a statement saying that EFIN applications by paper will no longer be accepted. Effective October 1, 2012, applications to become an IRS e-file provider must be submitted online. The IRS will no longer accept paper e-file applications. Become an e-file provider in 3 easy steps: 1. Create an IRS e-Services account. […]

    Changes to the Online PTIN User System

    Why does it seem that just before something is fully functional and working well that it needs to be changed? The IRS has made several new changes and “improvements” to the online PTIN registration portal. Hopefully, these changes improve it’s capacity in registering and renewing preparers’ PTINs.  Hopefully, there won’t be three weeks just before […]

    Bruce Grant in Serious Hot Water in Chicago

    I’ve begun so many stories of fraud the same way, “it’s a story we’ve come to know so well.”  I’m tired of all this fraud. I don’t know if it just seems that so many “big fish” have been caught lately, or the IRS is really cracking down, but I am, firstly, saddened by the […]

    Just Announced: Report On Fraud in the ITIN Department

    Yesterday afternoon, the findings of the investigation of the ITIN Department of the IRS were released in a report that showed blatant and easily detectible fraud. The report finds that the “higher-ups” involved in the ITIN tax fraud cared more about processing as many applications as possible, as opposed to properly processing only acceptable ones. […]

    House Passes Bill to Extend Bush Tax Cuts to All Income Levels

    The Republican held House passed a bill today extending the Bush tax cuts to all taxpayers at all income levels. This is in response to the Democratic bill that was passed through the Senate last week where the tax cut extensions would have left out MFJ filers with income over $250K.  The stalemate continues between […]

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