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  • IRS Reporting Your Tax Debt to Credit Bureaus?

    As of right now, the law will not allow for taxpayer debt to be reported to credit bureaus, but looming over us is the $400 BILLION taxpayer debt.  The Government Accountability Office has been written to assess the feasibility of it. The theory is that taxpayers will be more will to pay if their credit […]

    Dear President Obama…

    Congratulations on your victory. It was truly a nail-biter. You campaigned well, and no matter what side of the fence voters are on, you are the man for 4 more years. Now, as tax practitioners what we need to know what is going on with the tax code!  Will you guys patch AMT; will the […]

    Fiscal Cliff & Taxmageddon or Fear Mongering? Probably the Latter…

    A couple of weeks ago we wrote about the “Fiscal Cliff”, tax provisions set to expire at the end of 2011, and, as of right now, they are not applicable to 2012 Federal returns. With the upcoming presidential election, congress still has no plan to act on extending the Bush era tax cuts. Each presidential […]

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