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  • Extended Deadline for E-Filing 2010 Tax Returns… Oct. 31st, 2011

    Oct 15th is the date published on the IRS’ official e-file chart, but they have changed it to 8am Eastern, Monday October 31st.  There is no additional time past this date to electronically resubmit returns that have been rejected, they will have to be paper filed. What does this mean for my office?  –  Any […]

    IRS incorrectly bills 80,000 taxpayers repayment of First Time Homebuyer Credits

    The IRS incorrectly distributed approximately 80,000 notices to taxpayers stating that they needed to begin repayment of their first time homebuyer’s credit.  Many of these mistakenly sent out statements were sent to taxpayers who purchased their homes in 2009, who do not need to repay the credit at all.  Also the IRS attempted to identify […]

    Federal Direct Moves to our New Offices

    We are very happy to announce that we have officially made the transition to our new office suites located at 5410 Emerson Way Indianapolis, IN 46226.  You can still reach us via phone at the same numbers as before, but any mail correspondence should be sent to the above address.

    New Earned Income Credit Filing Requirements for the 2011 Tax Year

    The IRS announced that they will be continuing their “Knock and Talk” EIC preparer education program, along with sending compliance letters, initiating preparer due dilligence audits, and requiring additional information be attached to all returns claiming EITC.  Prepareres will not notice much differece in the preparation process as now the tax preparation software will submit the EITC checklist […]

    Tomorrow’s Webinar: Amending Returns and working with form 1040X

    Tomorrow evening’s webinar will be covering how to properly complete an amended return for your clients, to fix other preparers mistakes, where to mail the completed forms, how long you have to request refunds through the amendment process, and what documentation needs to be attached to form 1040X.  This webinar is primarily focusing on Federal Direct […]

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