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  • IRS Alert: Audit Compliance Initiative Projects for March 2012

    The IRS regularly conducts national, regional and local compliance initiative projects (CIPs) to study perceived areas of noncompliance. The IRS uses the data from these projects to develop more comprehensive projects and allocate its audit resources in the areas showing significant noncompliance. Projects to be conducted through March regard Schedule C filers, taxpayers taking duplicate […]

    1 Billion in Outstanding 2008 Tax Refunds!

    Be sure to inform your clients that they have until April 17th this year to file for 2008 tax refunds credits.  The IRS estimates that there is over 1 billion dollars in unclaimed refunds still waiting for returns to be filed.  Many people feel that they do not need to file tax returns due to […]

    File with Paystubs…Substitute W2s Now Accepted!

    Many offices have clients who have been struggling to get official W2s from their employers.  Now that we have hit February 14th the IRS will accept these returns with a substitute W2 form attached (form 4852).  This will allow you to e-file the tax return as long as you have the employers EIN, which can […]

    Fraudulent Tax Offices and Check Cashing Stores Targeted by IRS

    The first week of the tax season has seen some interesting actions taken by the IRS.  They have actively taken aim at both high fraud tax offices and check cashing facilities that seem to consistently be in the middle of of these problematic returns.  In prior years, the IRS has taken more of a reactionary […]

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