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  • Senators Press IRS to Adapt Tax Code for Same-Sex Couples

    8 democratic Senators have pressed the IRS for appeals to the tax code relating to the handling of same-sex couples.  Many states now allow for same-sex couples to file joint State returns, however these same couples must file separate federal tax returns.  A heavy portion of the problems these couples face are related to dealing […]

    Business Mileage Deductions Changes for 2nd Half of 2011

    The IRS has just released its’ adjusted mileage rates for the second half of tax year 2011. These rates will be in effect for all clients returns this coming January. Be aware, taxpayers always have the option of calculating and using actual expenses for their vehicle, but typically the mileage rates offer taxpayers the most […]

    Child Care Credit without an EIN or SSN

    Yes, It can be done; and Yes, it can be e-filed.  The IRS has stated that it will now be accepting e-filed returns without the presence of an EIN or SSN for the care provider.  You should make sure that your clients have exercised due diligence in attempting to obtain the EIN or SSN before […]

    IRS Tax Preparer Forum in Atlanta, GA

    Planning on attending the Atlanta, GA IRS tax forum?  Be sure to let your Account rep know.  We would love the opportunity to meet with you face to face and chat about the past season and discuss strategies for the coming year.  The Altanta, GA IRS forum is scheduled for June 28th -30th, and is […]

    Get your PTIN early this year

    The IRS is moving forward with implementing their testing requirement for tax preparers and they have stated that this will be in place for this coming 2011 tax season, starting January 2012.  One way to postpone having to take the preparer competency examination is to have your PTIN issued prior to the IRS implementing the […]

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