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  • Peak Season Support Hours

    This Friday 1/14/11 is the start of the tax season and also the start of Federal Direct’s peak season support schedule.  Our support center will be open Monday – Friday from 9am to 9pm and Saturday from 10am – 6pm.  You can reach us at (317) 543-5562 or via email at

    Delayed filing start for Taxpayers who itemize

    Taxpayers who itemize on their federal tax returns will have to wait until at least mid-February to file. The delay is necessary because the IRS needs time to program its systems to accommodate tax breaks included in a compromise tax bill President Obama signed.  To view the full story from the IRS click:

    HR Block RAL program officially terminated

    H&R Block and HSBC have made it official that they will not be funding any RALs this tax season.  The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency denied HSBCs appeals for RAL provision forcing H&R Block to accept the forgone conclusion of a tax season with no RAL products.  Click here for full story: marketwire_HR […]


    We will be giving away a free “Fast Tax Refunds” neon sign.  Simply send us pictures of your tax office inside and out and we will pick the best setup and we will get the sign shipped out.  Most of our interaction with our offices is done over the phone and this lets us put […]

    Removal of the Debt Indicator – contact your legislator

    Let your legislator know how you feel about them removing the Debt Indicator!  Click Here for methods of  making your voice heard regarding congress’ action to remove the IRS debt indicator, which has changed the landscape of the RAL and tax preparation industry.

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