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  • Same Day Cash for your tax clients!

    Federal Direct has secured a RAL replacement product for the coming tax season.  With the removal of the debt indicator, banks availability of a RAL product has been up in the air ever since August.  Federal Direct is very happy to be able to announce that we have a product for our partners to offer […]

    IRS releasing emails regarding PTIN applications

    The IRS is releasing email messages informing PTIN applicants that you may have an open PTIN application with the service that needs to be completed.  This message relates to many people who were forced to apply through multiple email addresses in order to get their temporary password for online PTIN application.  If you have been […]

    DO NOT upgrade to Internet Explorer 9

    Internet Explorer 9 is causing issues for partners accessing tools on the partner portal, and using online tax preparation tools.  If you receive a pop-up message asking you to to upgrade, DO NOT choose to upgrade.  If you have already upgraded, please contact our IT department and they will assist you in converting back to […]

    Should I get an EIN for my tax business?

    Many tax businesses operate perfectly fine without getting an EIN (Employer Identification Number), and if you are the only one working in your business you really do not need one.   If you think that you will be hiring employees this season, you should get one.  This will allow for you to not have to […]

    New Tax Office Neon Signs Now Available

    Federal Direct has negotiated new pricing on Tax Office Neon Signs for partners looking to spruce up their storefronts for the coming 2010 tax year.  Check out the available tax office signs by clicking here:  Tax Office Neon Signs

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