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    One of the requirements for the new PTIN registration process is to be in tax compliance for both business and personal tax filings.  This means that you must have filed your tax returns and if you owe, you must have contacted the IRS and entered into a payment arrangement program.  In short, if you want […]

    PTIN Reminder Letters Going Out from IRS

    The IRS begins notifying former tax return preparers that they must renew their PTINs if they are still intending on being paid preparers this coming tax season. Use of the PTIN will be required on all federal returns prepared by paid tax return preparers starting Jan. 1. This requirement is for all return preparers, even […]

    Your First Priority – EFIN application!

    If you do not yet have an EFIN for your tax office, this should be the number one priority for getting your office set up for the coming tax season. An EFIN is your tax office’s equivalent of an IRS license. This number allows you to electronically file tax returns for profit. Without an EFIN […]

    H&R Block RAL Shake-UP

    H&R Block is suing their exclusive RAL banking partner HSBC for failure to properly preparer to offer Refund Anticipation Loans this season. Bad news travels fast as H&R saw its stock price drop nearly 11% following the news.

    Online PTIN Application Site is Getting Better!

    There has been improvement within the process of getting a PTIN. The IRS has now had several weeks to work out many of the bugs in their new online Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) application system.  We are still receiving complaints that the initial password is not reaching applicants email boxes, but many of the […]

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