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  • Should I get an EIN for my tax business?

    Many tax businesses operate perfectly fine without getting an EIN (Employer Identification Number), and if you are the only one working in your business you really do not need one.   If you think that you will be hiring employees this season, you should get one.  This will allow for you to not have to […]

    New Tax Office Neon Signs Now Available

    Federal Direct has negotiated new pricing on Tax Office Neon Signs for partners looking to spruce up their storefronts for the coming 2010 tax year.  Check out the available tax office signs by clicking here:  Tax Office Neon Signs

    EITC Compliance Letters Being Sent out from IRS

    Offices preparing returns that have had the Earned Income Tax Credit denied will be receiving compliance letters stressing the importance of operating with Due Dilligence in the future.  Earned Income Tax Credit is one of the most fraudulently used tools in individual tax preparation.  As a preparer you should be aware of the EITC due diligence requirements as well […]

    2009 Check Printing is Officially Off

    Just a heads up for offices that have any outstanding bank product returns to be funded.  Any remaining 2009 returns which were field using bank products that are funded from this point forward will have checks printed at the bank and mailed to the client at the address listed on their return.  Preparation fees will […]

    Current Enrolled Agent renewal period suspended

    EAs with SSNs ending in 4,5, or 6 were scheduled to complete their 3 year renewal of their EA status between Nov 1 and Jan 31 2011.  The renewals are on hold due to the IRS not finalizing how much to charge for the renewals.  The fee is supposed to be dropping from the original […]

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