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  • Last Minute Filers – Tax Preparers be ready!

    While most tax offices have already experienced a considerable slow down from the peak weeks of late January and early February, do not become complacent and overlook the revenue potential that can come from the last minute crowd!  While most of these last minute filers will not choose bank products, they certainly are worthy clients […]

    New Process for e-filing returns with ITINs and SSN mismatches

    In past tax seasons, returns filed with an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) reporting wages paid had to have the ITIN listed on the wage statement to be eligible for electronic filing.  Due to programming changes the IRS’ e-file system, That is no longer required. The taxpayer’s correct ITIN should be used as the identifying […]

    Congratulations to St. Patty’s Day Tax Filing Contest Winners!

    Bank Product Return Filing Winners: Gonzalez Tax Service Muller Tax Service E-File Only Return Winners: Rodriguez Tax Services Neal Workman & Associates Honorable Mention Offices: Walkers Tax Service Joan’s Residential Services Martell Insurance Co. Girotel #4 Alamo Business Concepts Be on the look out for Federal Direct’s next filing contest “Race to the Finish”.  This […]

    Race to St. Patricks Day Tax Filing Contest!

    Be sure to participate in the mid season Race to St. Patrick’s Day filing contest.  Cash prizes are awarded to the first and second place offices for return volume relating to both bank products and e-file only returns! For more details see our full promo sheet: Race to St. Patrick’s Day Tax Filing Contest.

    Itemized Returns Now Being Accepted

    The IRS is now accepting returns with Itemized deductions, First Time Home Buyer Credits, Educator Expenses, etc, that were previously being delayed.  Be sure to make sure that the returns you have been waiting to submit are being sent in for processing.  If you have any questions, be sure to contact the support center at […]

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