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  • Tax Refunds on Prepaid Debit Cards

    Don’t forget to inform your clients of the ability to receive their refunds deposited onto a prepaid MasterCard this tax season.  Their added office information is needed to offer this tax refund prepaid debit card option.  Be sure to go over the details with an account representative if your office wants to take advantage of […]

    Marketing Programs Donations Matching

    Marketing, Marketing, Marketing….  That is what makes or breaks 99% of all tax office start-ups!  What is your office’s marketing plan for this tax season.  If you do not have one yet, be sure to log in and check out the Custom Marketing Center where you can adopt one of the predefined marketing programs, print […]

    Liberty & Jackson Hewitt Limited to $1,500 refund checks

    Liberty Tax’s bank has released their lending program for the year and they will be limited to checks of $1,500 and the remainder printed in 7-14 days.  The 50% of Jackson Hewitt offices that have any type of 1-2 day refund options will also be subject to this same limit.

    Tax Cash in 1 Hour RAL replacement

    All Federal Direct partners will be receiving an overview description of the Tax Cash in 1 Hour Program today via email.  Be sure to check your mail and feel free to contact us with any questions or to review marketing strategies for your tax office this season.

    IRS unsure on preparer testing content

    Be aware, the IRS stated today that it has not made any determination on what materials will be considered for the 2011 tax preparer testing requirements.  Many tax training programs are currently being released trying to capitalize on preparers anxiety relating to this new requirement, you should be very wary of purchasing  materials this year.  […]

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