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  • Tax Preparer Tips – MN State refund distribution delay

    Note to all offices preparing MN state tax returns – Minnesota has placed their state government offices and agencies on a skeleton schedule while they attempt to pass an acceptable budget.  This state processing shutdown will have an effect on any clients that are currently waiting for a MN state tax refund, as they are […]

    Tax Preparer Tips – Manual Entry of SSNs now required on all W2s

    New for the 2011 tax season all W2s will require a manual entry of clients social security number.  Software companies will no longer be allowed to prepopulate SSN onto W2s.  The reasoning behind this is related cleints having ITINs (Individual Tax Identification Number) instead of Social Security Numbers.  In past years software programs would simply populate the […]

    Tax Representation for All Clients!

    Federal Direct will offer full representation on all returns for the 2011 tax season.  Offer your client base more service this year with full return representation by IRS Enrolled Agents.  Did your client’s refund get offset by some prior debt?  We can identify what that is and why.  Did your client get denied EIC?  We […]

    When Does My Tax Preparer PTIN Expire?

    Tax Preparers were required to get a Preparer Tax Identification Number last tax season.  Those PTINs were initially scheduled to expire one year, to the day, from when they were issued.  That time frame has been changed by the IRS, now all PTINs will expire on 12/31 of the following year.  This translates to anyone […]

    Tax Debt forces SuperBowl Veteran to put championship ring up for auction

    Fuzzy Thurston, a former lineman of the Green Bay Packers will be auctioning off his 1967 SuperBowl Championship ring to help with his 1.7 Million tax debt.  The tax debt originates from Thurston’s post NFL business venture where he opened a chain of restaurants called The Left Guard.  The original debt was issued in 1984 […]

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