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  • Home Based Tax Business – Take it to the Next Level!

    Many preparers get their start working out of their home or from their laptop. We have worked with many people using this business model and have assisted them in getting past the 100 return mark. Marketing to get new customers is key, and getting a comfortable, convenient and most of all AFFORDABLE location for your […]

    Multiple offices = Multiple EFINs

    Many tax office owners are expanding their practices this year by opening another physical office. This is a great way to increase business by increasing availability to your market. You should be aware that the IRS does require that you obtain an Electronic Filer Identification Number (EFIN) for each physical office you operate. If you […]

    Should I get an EIN for my new tax prep business?

    Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) are generally used if you hire employees and wish to keep your social security number off of their W2 or 1099 wage statements.  You can also use an EIN to open an business bank account.  Just because you get an EIN does not mean that you have incorporated your business and […]

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