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Marketing is often a second thought when starting your own tax prep business; when the truth is, tax advertising should be the first thing you consider when constructing the foundation for a successful startup. You can be the best tax preparer, EA, or CPA in the country and be able to do taxes in your sleep, but that does not translate to a successful tax practice without successful marketing tax services and strategies to get customers in your door!  The key to tax business marketing is not just to attract more customers initially, but also to retain them and keep them coming back tax season after tax season. It’s not difficult to market your tax prep company, but we don’t want to give you the impression that there is one “sure-fire” solution that that will work for all tax prep offices.  When developing your tax businesses’ marketing program a little help can go a long way.  Federal Direct has been working with non-franchise independent tax offices startups just like you for the past [operating years] years and we know what works. We have developed a host of turnkey tax preparation marketing programs, advertising campaigns, and promotional tax marketing materials that have one goal in mind, your tax businesses’ success and profitable growth!


The Information You Need

A big part of the tax advertising battle can be won if you have the right information at your fingertips, and our target market demographic data tool provides you with just that.  Browse return filing numbers from across the country, narrow your search down to your local zip code and see your competition is doing.  Are they growing, or are they losing market share?  How many competing offices are in your area?  Which area offers the most potential clients?  All these are very relevant data points to consider when starting your own tax prep business and deciding where to locate and target your marketing and tax advertising efforts. With marketing tax services, let Federal Direct do the heavy lifting for you and get you the relevant data you need to make crucial target marketing decisions.


On and Offline Marketing Options

Marketing tax services in today’s landscape is tough. Where do you focus your attention? With both print and digital marketing playing similarly essential roles, deciding where to focus your valuable marketing dollars can leave you scratching your head.  As a Federal Direct partner, you will have an individualized website that you can customize to steer clients to your location, schedule appointments through, get discounts, and in general find out more about your who you and your tax business are and what services you offer.  This year’s online marketing programs includes an exciting addition that enables Federal Direct partners to advertise and connect with new clients through Facebook.  We live in a high-tech age, but traditional tax preparation advertising methods have not become completely obsolete.  We still find that traditional campaigns, tax advertising, and marketing channels still produce results that drive customer traffic to your door!  Be sure to ask about our high resolution print ready newspaper and flyer adds, customized radio and television spots and professional point of sale marketing materials to dress up your tax office, make it look and feel the part, and to convey a message of confidence to your clients so they know you have the backing and support of Federal Direct a national partner network, for any and all of their tax needs.


Offer More Now

One of the most important tips for marketing tax advertising, you’ll see again and again, is ensuring that you offer customers something more than the services at hand. Simple steps like adding custom coupons to your tax advertising can make the difference in winning a customer versus them heading to your competition.  Federal Direct’s marketing messages include Same Day refund advances of up to $3,000, varying payment options so your clients can pay their tax prep fees out of their tax refunds, customized coupons to promote your offers and discounts,  and office level specialty programs to make sure you are not simply hanging the open sign outside your door and hoping that attracts clients. The recipe for tax office startup success and sustainable profitable growth is pretty simple; 1. Make yourself known, 2. Offer enticing promotions alongside your tax preparation service, and 3. Treat your clients with professionalism and respect.


Start Creating a Buzz Now

Getting your marketing tax prep services and tax advertising off the ground has never been easier than it is with Federal Direct Tax Services. With the knowledge and understanding of what it really takes to make sure our partners succeed in an ever-more competitive professional service industry, we have the software, marketing tax services programs and much more to help grow your tax practice. Your focus can’t be everywhere at once, and time becomes a limited commodity as you work on starting your own tax practice.  We have developed a comprehensive marketing suite for you to pick and choose from to ensure the word gets out about your tax preparation business, without the painstaking hassle of having to focus your time on marketing and tax advertising. Explore our marketing tax services more now!

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