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Federal and State Unlimited Filing

Did you know that traditionally both State and local departments of revenues act three times as fast on non-filing, collection, and audit procedures than the IRS does?  As a tax professional, what does this mean for you and your client… Don’t forget to file state and local tax forms!  All Federal Direct packages include unlimited Federal and State filing for each and every one of your clients. Unlimited local filing is included as well! Whether you choose the simple interview software of our QuickStart or Silver packages, or the professional tax filing software suite that comes with our Gold or Platinum packages, you will have the tools you need to take care of all your clients’ filing needs.  How many returns to you intend to prepare and file this year? If you’re working on creating your own tax preparation business or you simply plan to file taxes for your whole family, take advantage of our unique pricing plan that allows for unlimited Federal and State filing of tax returns throughout the entire tax season. Perfect for the commercial tax preparer, it’s the budget friendly option that will help save you more. Experience Federal and State unlimited filing today!

  • Federal Direct knows the focus and dedication it takes to grow your tax business!

  • Federal Direct provides back office support to free your business up to GROW!

  • Be your clients’ hero! Our in-house Sure & Secure IRS Audit coverage makes you a true Problem Solver!

  • Ready to offer tax services to undocumented aliens? We have the training and support to make it happen!

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