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Multiple Workstation Installations

The right tax software should provide a stable and consistent foundation in your tax business.  Federal Direct tax software system enables you to File All Tax Returns. From simple individual tax returns to the most complex corporate returns, your tax office will be able to handle them all . Tax office software alone cannot build a successful tax preparation business, but it is darn important! Federal Direct offers two different program platforms to benefit and cater to the needs of both new tax preparers and experienced industry professionals. Flexibility and Scalability ensure that your professional tax preparation software can grow with your business and adapt to your needs and the needs of your ever-changing client base.


Enjoy our Easy to Use Interface

Work with tax returns your way! That's just what our professional tax preparation software allows you to do. Some preparers like the comprehensiveness of starting a return using our easy interview module, while others like jumping right in and getting hands on with the tax forms. Our tax preparation software for professionals allows for both methods and the interview module can be turned on and off at your choosing. Information seamlessly transfers in between the client interview and the tax forms. Ergonomic natural flow of taxpayer information throughout the return preparation process minimizes the time needed to be spent in every return. Personal Information, Income reporting, Adjustments, Deductions, and Credits… All have their own natural flow, streamlined for efficiency, completeness, and accuracy.


Same Day Refund Options

Use our professional tax preparation software and put tax refund dollars in your clients' hands the same day! That's right, the same day! Up to $3,000 can be available in advance of your clients refund. Low fees, High approval rates, and access to everyone! Federal Direct refunds programs put your tax office on a level playing field with the national franchise offices in your area. Offer the same of better options to your clients, on your terms, with your superior customer service!


File Faster than Ever

Faster tax preparation, Faster review and diagnostics, Faster Compliance and paperwork… just plain Faster! Tired of waiting return review? With our professional tax preparation software, you'll never do it again. Federal Direct's real time diagnostics monitors your return prep work for errors and omissions and alerts you to forms and schedules in need of additional information or further review. File your clients' returns electronically using the new modernized e-file system to ensure faster process and faster refunds. All Federal and State forms accepted electronically 24/7 to put refunds in your clients' hands faster!


Learn More Now

Federal Direct wants to put you into the tax preparation business. Our professional tax preparation software and comprehensive tax prep business support services enable your startup tax office to ramp-up quick and profitably grow for generations. Don't let another tax season go by and leave you on the sidelines, explore our tax business opportunities and options now.

  • Federal Direct provides back office support to free your business up to GROW!

  • Federal Direct knows the focus and dedication it takes to grow your tax business!

  • Be your clients’ hero! Our in-house Sure & Secure IRS Audit coverage makes you a true Problem Solver!

  • Ready to offer tax services to undocumented aliens? We have the training and support to make it happen!

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