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Bank Registration Assistance

Federal Direct’s goal for your tax office is to make sure that you have the same refund options and service offerings as the national retail tax franchise offices. This means being able to have client refunds dispersed in a variety of methods such as refund checks being printed in your office, deposited onto a prepaid debit cards that you provide, direct deposited into checking or savings accounts, or even transferred to a Wal-Mart financial service center where your client can walk out with their full refund in cash. All tax offices and tax preparation businesses wishing to offer these competitive and marketable products must go through intensive and time consuming bank registration. Not only is this bank registration necessary to offer these in demand products but it also allows your office to have client prep fees withheld from their refunds. This important process allows your office to get away from accepting I.O.U.s! We have been involved with thousands of tax offices over the years and no office that accepts I.O.U.s is consistent in collecting their prep fees. Let Federal Direct help by taking care of your bank registration so that you don’t have to worry about collecting client prep fees and you can focus on earning more clients and preparing tax returns!

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