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Office Management Resources

You don’t have to go it alone when opening a tax business; and frankly, you shouldn’t. Utilize Federal Direct’s years of experience working with tax office owners and managers across the country. We know what information and office management tools you need at your fingertips to keep your thumb on the pulse of your tax office. How many returns are getting processed per day? Which preparers are the most productive? How much are you charging per return? Are rejected returns getting fixed and resubmitted in a timely fashion? Do you have the office management tools in place to prevent employee theft and client pilferage? We can identify the biggest areas of leakage in the profitability of your tax business and key metrics to watch to help prevent fraud! Due diligence is an overwhelming point of focus by the IRS when looking at the operations of a tax office. Federal Direct can make sure that your compliance efforts are aimed in the right direction and that an operational guideline is in place to ensure your office is operating with the intent of industry best practices. When opening a tax business, utilize Federal Direct's office management resources!

  • Be your clients’ hero! Our in-house Sure & Secure IRS Audit coverage makes you a true Problem Solver!

  • Federal Direct provides back office support to free your business up to GROW!

  • Ready to offer tax services to undocumented aliens? We have the training and support to make it happen!

  • Federal Direct knows the focus and dedication it takes to grow your tax business!

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