Office Setup

Paperless File Management System

Paperless management is the easiest way to save time, money and to streamline the operational processes within your tax office. Federal Direct’s proprietary digital document management program enables your office to get rid of the bulky file cabinets and transition to a secure, encrypted, and digital paperless management platform. Identity theft is a problem that affects more and more tax offices year after year and countless reports have shown that having physical files on hand with sensitive client data in them, is the number one vulnerability of traditional tax preparation offices. We feel so strongly about the importance of transitioning to a paperless tax office, therefore we include our electronic office file management system with all Federal Direct partnerships. If you don’t make the jump to a paperless file system for the cost savings or efficiencies it offers your office, make the change for the security of your client data. Talk to a Federal Direct account rep today about a digital office file management system and get your office’s procedures set on the right track for the coming tax season!

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