Tax Talk

  • Exiting a Tax Franchise

    Tax franchises can provide a convenient way for individuals to start a tax preparation business, but for some, they can be a hindrance to growth and profitability. If you find yourself in a tax franchise agreement that no longer serves your best interests, it is essential to explore your options for getting out. Here are […]

    Tax Refund Offsets Explained

    As tax season approaches, many people eagerly anticipate receiving a tax refund from the government. However, for some individuals, their refund may be subject to offset. This means that a portion or all of their refund may be withheld and used to pay off certain debts or obligations. In this blog post, we will explore […]

    Tax Support All Year Long

    As a tax professional, you understand the complexities of tax laws and regulations. However, managing a successful independent tax office involves more than just filing returns during tax season. To provide the best service to your clients and grow your business, you need year-round tax support. In this blog post, we’ll explore the value of […]

    DIY Tax Software Mistakes

    As tax season rolls around, many people turn to DIY tax software to file their taxes. These programs can be a convenient and cost-effective way to file your taxes, but they also come with some risks. One of the biggest risks of using a DIY tax program is the possibility of making mistakes that could […]

    Protecting Your EFIN

    As the owner or operator of a tax office, it’s essential to take measures to protect your Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN). Your EFIN is a unique identifier assigned by the IRS that allows you to electronically file tax returns on behalf of your clients. It’s important to keep this number secure because it can […]

  • IRS Provides Additional Day to File and Pay Taxes

    Following today’s system issues, the IRS is providing taxpayers an additional day to file and pay their taxes. Individuals and businesses with a filing or payment due date of April 17 will now have until midnight on Wednesday, April 18. Taxpayers do not need to do anything to receive this extra time. Throughout the system […]

    End of Filing Season is November 18th, 2017

    Last day to e-file returns will be November 18th, 2017. Until that day, you can e-file tax returns from 2014, 2015, and 2016. Once e-filing opens back up for the coming season, then you will be able to e-file returns for 2015, 2016, and 2017. 

    Important Upcoming Dates

    Head’s up on some important dates! This Year’s Extension deadline is : October 16th, 2017 -Individual, C-Corp (S-corp & partnerships were September 15th) -Disaster Areas: Added time to file returns on extension, January 31st, 2018 (Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria) CTEC renewal deadline is : October 3st, 2017  

    Is a Tax Preparation Business right for you?

    The tax industry is a delicate balance of chaos and repetition. Yearly updates on tax law, form revisions, tax software, and tax professional education requirements keep tax professionals busy during the off season while peak season shows just how truly chaotic tax season can be.  Every tax professional will develop their own methods of preparing […]

    Tax Office Training

    Training your tax preparers can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve compiled a list of important tax preparer training categories. Ranging from software and tax law training to online security, with our list of best practices for tax office training, we hope this will help to ensure that you and […]

  • Reminder! Live CE Webinar Thursday, Sept. 6th!

    Our next webinar will be covering General Tax Law Updates for the coming tax season.  The webinar will be hosted next Thursday, September 6th at 5:30pm Eastern.  As always, if you are not able to attend the live webinar, it will be available for archive viewing on your partner portal 24-48 hours after the live […]

    Webinar Reminder! Tomorrow- Education Credits & Tuition 2 CE Hours!

    Please join us Tuesday for our webinar covering Education Credits & Tuition deductions, how to report them and which option is best for your clients.  This webinar will last approximately 2 hours, and for those of you who have signed up for an IRS continuing education package, will provide 2 CE credits in the General […]

    Medical Marijuana Business Deduction Surprise!

    Many businesses sell medical marijuana in the retail sector. Of course, having legalized marijuana on a state level, makes this business practice legitimate for state taxes but what about federal taxes? For federal tax purposes, since marijuana is still illegal, it prevents this business from being treated as a real business with deductible expenses. However, […]

    The Only EFIN-way: Online System to be Juggernaut of EFIN Acquisition.

    The IRS recently released a statement saying that EFIN applications by paper will no longer be accepted. Effective October 1, 2012, applications to become an IRS e-file provider must be submitted online. The IRS will no longer accept paper e-file applications. Become an e-file provider in 3 easy steps: 1. Create an IRS e-Services account. […]

    Changes to the Online PTIN User System

    Why does it seem that just before something is fully functional and working well that it needs to be changed? The IRS has made several new changes and “improvements” to the online PTIN registration portal. Hopefully, these changes improve it’s capacity in registering and renewing preparers’ PTINs.  Hopefully, there won’t be three weeks just before […]

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