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  • Help! My Direct Deposit info was wrong on my 1040. What happens now?

    If you’re like most people, you probably look forward to receiving your tax refund each year. However, if the bank account information you provided to the IRS is incorrect or outdated, you might be wondering how you’ll receive your refund. The good news is that the IRS will still send you a check for your […]

    Why is my 2022 tax refund smaller than last year?

    As tax season rolls around, many people are realizing that their tax refunds are smaller than they were last year. While there are many factors that can impact the size of your refund, one major reason why tax refunds are smaller this year is due to tax credits changing back to pre-pandemic figures. During the […]

    Last Day to E-File Tax Returns 2022

    The last day for submitting tax returns electronically for calendar year 2022 is November 22nd.  Please be sure to submit any final e-files prior to close of business 11/22 or be prepared to hold them until mid-January when e-filing is turned back on.  

    Benefits of Doing The AFSP Tax Preparer Program

    What is the AFSP? It is the Annual Filing Season Program. It is a voluntary program for tax preparers that encourages tax preparers to take continuing education.  For a person to get a certificate of completion from the IRS for having completed this program, they must complete the Annual Filing Tax Refresher (AFTR) and receive […]

    IRS Notice 2022-36 Waives Late Filing Penalties

    IRS Notice 2022-36 waives late filing penalties for 2019 and 2020 returns filed late but on or before Sept. 30, 2022. Applies to income tax returns:  1040, 1040NR  1041  1065, 1120, 1120S  990 PF  And more  Does not apply to estimated tax, underpayments, preparer penalties   If late filing […]

  • Tips on Basic Online Security & Identifying Tax Related Email Scams

    Start by knowing that the IRS or software vendor will never ask you for your personal information and security questions via email. Please take some time to read our online information security tips below.  Always be suspicious of unexpected emails, even if it appears to come from a legitimate source.  Triple check emails before ever […]

    Alert: Watch for Scam/Phishing Emails!

    Please be on the alert for fraudulent email messages requesting sensitive personal and business tax information.  These emails can appear to come from many different sources pretending to be the IRS, Federal Direct, State Departments of Revenue, Tax Software Companies, etc.  One such recent IRS tax scam email has been identified as coming from a […]

    ITIN Credit Rules Enforced. Here are some tips.

    No, an ITIN holder cannot claim credits for back year’s returns. The law changed in Dec. 2015 with HR2029.  This means no Child Tax Credit or American Opportunity Credit (among others) for any year beyond a current and timely filed tax return. If you file late, as in after April 15th, you will NOT get […]

    e-file deadline close approaching!

    Be aware that the IRS annual e-file shutdown for rolling their systems over to the next year’s tax calculations is coming next week, November 30th.  The IRS will not accept returns electronically from this date on until they turn back on for filing in mid January 2017.  The IRS’ goal is to always accept 3 […]

    IRS User Fees to Increase

    Overdue tax installment payments are about to become more expensive. The service is proposing a stiff IRS user fee hike to go into effect on Jan. 1 2017. The charge for new installment plans will be $225… a $105 jump from today’s cost. The outlay for direct debit installment agreements will more than double to […]

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