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  • Benefits of Doing The AFSP Tax Preparer Program

    What is the AFSP? It is the Annual Filing Season Program. It is a voluntary program for tax preparers that encourages tax preparers to take continuing education.  For a person to get a certificate of completion from the IRS for having completed this program, they must complete the Annual Filing Tax Refresher (AFTR) and receive […]

    IRS Notice 2022-36 Waives Late Filing Penalties

    IRS Notice 2022-36 waives late filing penalties for 2019 and 2020 returns filed late but on or before Sept. 30, 2022. Applies to income tax returns:  1040, 1040NR  1041  1065, 1120, 1120S  990 PF  And more  Does not apply to estimated tax, underpayments, preparer penalties   If late filing […]

    Deadline Reminder

    Deadline Reminder: -9/15: 1065 Partnership returns on extension, -1102S S corp returns on extension -3rd Qtr. Estimated payments -10/15: Individual 1040 returns on extension

    IRS Changing E-file Application Fingerprint Process As of 8/15/22

    One component of becoming an e-file provider is getting fingerprinted for a background check. This has traditionally been completed with paper fingerprint cards which were mailed to the IRS and matched to the applicant’s application. However, as of September 25th the IRS will be implementing a new electronic fingerprinting process which will require an applicant […]

    Federal Direct Closed For Memorial Weekend

    The corporate offices of Federal Direct Tax Services will be closed on Friday, 5/27/2022 through Monday, 5/30/2022 in observation of Memorial Day. The office will reopen on Tuesday, May 31st, 2022 at 9 am eastern time.   

  • Stopping Tax Offenders and Prosecuting (STOP) Identity Theft Bill of 2014

    Identity theft is a problem that affects millions of Americans and that nondescript number is growing exponentially. Years ago, there were fewer people filing fewer fraudulent returns, but now, with the ease of e-file and the lax security of some office’s document retention procedures, there are thousands of people who have built a type of […]

    Obama Pleas for Economic Patriotism from Corporate Deserters

    President Obama has openly and vehemently criticized the new corporate strategy of lowering its tax burden. This new strategy is called inversion, and for those who aren’t well versed in tax code, it’s a process by which a corporation buys a foreign corporation in order to take that corporation’s tax home which, in turn, lowers […]

    Another Tax Relief Company Goes Down.

    Yet another tax relief company now faces the long arm of the law after having been found guilty of challenged practices including fraudulently misrepresenting the company services in order to con more people. The FTC is mailing out 16 million dollars to over 18 thousand former clients of American Tax Relief. Apparently, each consumer will […]

    Tax Bill to Prevent Tax Refund Theft

    The Senate Finance Committee has introduced bipartisan legislation to improve protection for taxpayers against fraudulent tax refund claims made with stolen identities. The refund theft tax bill includes new assistance for taxpayers who have been victims of identity theft and requires the Internal Revenue Service to establish a new security feature that individuals can use […]

    New York Suspends Preparers & Tightens Rules

    It’s the biggest city in the nation, so reasonable it would have a proportionally higher crime rate, right? Yes, even for taxes. New York state recently sent out 56 tax suspension letters. 40 preparers seem to have accepted the judgement and the other 16 preparers are challenging the action. Due to the increased tax-related crimes, […]

  • Tax Preparer Tips – Manual Entry of SSNs now required on all W2s

    New for the 2011 tax season all W2s will require a manual entry of clients social security number.  Software companies will no longer be allowed to prepopulate SSN onto W2s.  The reasoning behind this is related cleints having ITINs (Individual Tax Identification Number) instead of Social Security Numbers.  In past years software programs would simply populate the […]

    Business Mileage Deductions Changes for 2nd Half of 2011

    The IRS has just released its’ adjusted mileage rates for the second half of tax year 2011. These rates will be in effect for all clients returns this coming January. Be aware, taxpayers always have the option of calculating and using actual expenses for their vehicle, but typically the mileage rates offer taxpayers the most […]

    E-file Tax Returns through Oct. 15th 2011

    Many tax preparers are unaware that the IRS accepts e-filed returns through October 15th.  This can be both for taxpayers who owe and those who are requesting a refund.  If you have any questions about e-filing after April 18th please feel free to contact our year round tax and technical support team at .

    Tax Prep tips for clients filing extensions

    Many people are under the misconception that filing a tax extension will allow for a delay in having to pay tax liability.  This is not the case!  An extension simply allows a 6 month stay in having to submit a completed tax return.  An estimated tax payment must be submitted along with the extension filing […]

    Last Minute Filers – Tax Preparers be ready!

    While most tax offices have already experienced a considerable slow down from the peak weeks of late January and early February, do not become complacent and overlook the revenue potential that can come from the last minute crowd!  While most of these last minute filers will not choose bank products, they certainly are worthy clients […]

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